About Bib Magnets

The Runner's Problem:

-Safety Pins have been the industry standard for decades
despite widespread complaints.

-The pins are hard to adjust and can be annoying during races.

-Safety Pins also damage expensive running gear.

-Runners and Cyclists are brand and fashion conscious.

-The number of runners is skyrocketing, especially women. 

-Bib Magnets are sleek, cool, and modern additions to expensive running outfits.

-Magnet colors and graphics can change, offering a wide variety of aesthetic and branding options.


Why Bib Magnets?

-They are strong enough to hold through thick clothing.

-They don’t damage expensive race gear.

-They are fun, yet functional, ways to bling out your running outfit.

Bib Magnets are incredibly strong!  They hold together through 5/8" Plexiglass.


How it Works

Watch and Learn!

Bib Magnets are a fun, functional way to hold competitive race bibs in place. This video shows how and why they are used. Plus, I give you a tip that will forever change the way you put on your bibs before races.