Bib Magnets

Sticking With You To The Finish


Running is supposed to be enjoyable and Bib Magnets are a fun, yet functional, way to showcase your personal style during races.


Bib Magnets are decorative magnets that attach race numbers to clothing for competitive sporting events.  The magnets are a functional, fun, alternative to safety pins typically used in races.  These patent-pending devices are getting industry buzz because they “bling” up outfits, while providing a non-damaging way to fasten bibs to expensive race gear.  

Each Bib Magnet is an assembly of two strong magnets that lock together to securely hold race bibs in place.  An added benefit is the decorative epoxy design that can be changed from outfit to outfit.  The logo design can also be changed for corporate sponsorships, race specific events, and even organized teams.  They are simple, yet certainly effective, and in high demand from race stores before the product even hits the market.


How Bib Magnets Work


Sticking with you to the finish.